Jenn Jones has been involved in the competitive Crossfit® scene for 8 years. Development of a program, and watching athletes grow and attain their goals is a passion of her.

She grew up as a competitive gymnast and comped in a division 1 collegiate athletics at Western Michigan University. After that she transitioned into competitive excercise. It was an easy transition to fill the competitive void. Jenn competed at regionals in 2011 in the Mid Atlantic Region. Then in the Central region from 2012-2015,2017. She has qualified for the CrossFit® games 4 consecutive years (2012-2015) with a best place over all finish of 6th in 2013. She also had 2 top 3 event finishes at the Crossfit® Game s during her games career. She also participated in the National Pro Grid League for 3 years.

Aside from Crossfit® she has a degree in Nursing. She has over 10 years of experience in heath and fitness and is very excited to bring you a progressive, inclusive program that works!


I also started out as a gymnast. I did competitive gymnastics for 12 years through high school and 2 years during college. At this time I decided to enlist in the Navy. It is quite a long story, but in short I ended up becoming a Naval Aviation Rescue Swimmer for 6 years. It was at the end of this time, that I began to participate seriously in CrossFit. I had heard about it and done some CrossFit - like workouts, but had not actually prescribed to it. I separated from the military in December of 2013, I had been seriously training for about 2 months at that point in time. In 2014 I qualified for my fist regional competition. From that time forward I jumped into CrossFit and Competitive exercise completely. I have returned to the regional floor in some capacity (team or individual) the past four years. I am also a member of the Miami Surge, one of the team in the National Pro Grid League.

I'm also excited to bring forward a program that I wholeheartedly believe in an one that is derived from Jenn's years of experience in CrossFit, but also my years of pressing the body as far as the mind can go. Mental toughness and attitude are just as important in sport as war. You may have heard perception is everything and with our program we intend to change your perception.

You will see me taking care of the technical side of BMT, head coach to our Remote athletes, and programming the more technical aspects of training.

I hope to see you guys on the leaderboards!


Frank is the head coach and owner of CrossFit Derive in Houston, Texas. His athletic history began in football and track and field. Frank took the fast-track to coaching while he was a teacher and eventually took a leading role at his previous gym.

He finds his comfort zone in coaching and spending hours with his athletes; helping them perfect their craft. He is extremely proficient in the coaching of weightlifting, most recently taking an athlete to the American Open Championships in 2015, where his athlete placed 4th and gained silver in the clean and jerk.

He has innumerable hours coaching athletes of every level, from Regional and Games athletes to the general athletes at his home gym in Houston, as well as numerous seminars and certifications under his belt. His constant pursuit of virtuosity within the realm of the gym is unmatched, as he is always striving to increase his knowledge to help others. This is where you will find him the most in BMT-- the coaching and feedback side of the program.


Beth received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Creighton University in 2005. Beth chose a path of physical therapy after a long career as an athlete. Beth found a love for power lifting in high school and went on to receive a scholarship for college volleyball and track. Following college athletics, Beth continued to pursue opportunities in athletics, fitness, and rehabilitation. She went on to become a Certified Athletic Trainer and an accomplished Physical Therapist. Beth is recognized by the American Board of Physical Therapy (APTA) as a Board Certified Sports Specialist (SCS) and a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist (FAAOMPT). Beth has been an invited speaker to the Texas Physical Therapy Association (TPTA) State Conference and has been recognized by the Southeastern District of TPTA for providing Excellence in Clinical Education.

In addition to her professional accomplishments as a physical therapist, Beth has received a certification as a USA Weightlifting Coach. She has also been actively involved in the Crossfit community for six years and has been performing strongman training for the past year. Beth is an expert in movement analysis and understands the unique movement requirements of our athlete. As Beth’s interest for treating the active individual has flourished, she has become passionate about providing access to physical therapy services for the athlete.